Josh Marks - Freelance Journalist


Environmental journalist and clean energy blogger Josh Marks writes about the transition to renewable power and the sustainable economy at Green Forward.

He also blogs about the business of professional hockey at The Hockey Stop on the website SportsFanLive and guest blogs on GetReal Hockey.

His two newest blogs are Josh's Travel Blog, where he posts stories, photos and videos from his trips around the world, and Federal City Film, about film shoots and entertainment industry connections in Washington, DC. 

Josh was a Web Production Editor at in Los Angeles for over five years and contributed many entertainment industry articles and reviews to the "Hollywood Bible." 

Josh edited and wrote articles for Sea Technology Magazine, the ocean/marine industry's premiere trade publication covering marine business, science and engineering. 

As a freelance writer he has contributed to New Mexico-based arts and culture website Adobe Airstream with feature stories on electric cars and high speed rail. He has also contributed to sustainable urban transportation blog TheCityFix, interviewing US High Speed Rail Association President and CEO Andy Kunz about the future of high-speed rail in America and writing about the five best high-speed rail networks in the world.

He also wrote a feature piece on socially responsible investing and shareholder dialogue for Green American Magazine. His previous article for Green American was on comprehensive home energy audits.

Josh also has written for the advice website His two most recent advice columns are on Green Mountain Energy's Effects on the Air and Facts About Air Pollution Caused by Smoking.

Josh most recently wrote for political news site The National Memo and currently is a soccer and hockey writer for Rant Sports and a writer for sustainable design sites Inhabitat and Inhabitat NYC where he wrote a story about California breaking ground this summer on the nation's first high-speed rail line.

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